Music kiosk


When 2002 did not yet seem the far past, and the life was full of kind undertakings, a guitar once itself has jumped into my hands and has represented about following (by 2Mb):
KOH Gita (mp3)
Whats going on? thought then. After all, Lord forbid, if to write something more?! I sat down to a keyboard and wrote. In this way it was born the Disco at the mushroom plant this schizo is sheer and quick-moving like motor bike (more by 2.5Mb):
KOH Disco at the mushroom plant (mp3)
It was not enough. It was lacking of a rich epic composition a kind of the best patterns of the Soviet mix. This idea has given birth to At pursuit for a fairy tale only one available stereo-composition (even by 7Mb):
KOH At pursuit for a fairy tale (mp3)
Next was the Third. Where does that abnormal number come from? this is the civilian secret but its the last number However, if you ever heard a mix which is mixer than this one, tell me about it. Errr (almost by 4Mb):
KOH The third (mp3)
On it the 2002 has come to its end, and together with it the samples in the musical barrel organ, wherewith it all has been made. I grudged. I very grudged 80 roubles for the disk with new samples.....
By the way, because of the same the previous mix looks unfinished.
There is nothing to download anymore. Sorry. :(

That would put and has ended, but Mechanic has arrived in time with his accordion, and has tried to play the opening theme of the cartoon Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (some by 0.4Mb):
Mechanic Opening theme (wav)
Well, and further, not stopping at what has been accomplished, Mechanic has written and executed Rangers waltz! (by 0.2Mb):
Mechanic Rangers waltz (wav)
And here Prizrak appeared as if from nowhere, and has played on the fruits. It all has been written down as a hymn of Gajkoslavie (by 1.4Mb):
Prizrak To the glory of the Radiant (mp3)
Here the tale is over, and who listened is a good boy. ;)