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Fat Cat

Solar-Ranger system

Gadget: just a star.

Planet Chip: brown. A natural satellite of Gadget. The scientists argue, whether he is Gadgets nearest planet. In another version, he is merely second, giving first place to Dale (see).

Planet Dale: red. A natural satellite of Gadget. Unique of all planets, Dale is rotating in the opposite direction. Therefore there are collisions with Chip, which are, for the most part, smoothed over by Gadgets mass. This allows them to disperse in such cases.

Planet Monty: yellow. A Gadgets natural satellite. The largest planet of the Solar-Ranger system. He is strongly subjected to radiomagnetic perturbation from cheese comets and bombardment by their fragments on his surface as meteorites. Observations show that all meteorites which fall on him are absorbed without a trace.

Planet Zipper: green. A natural satellite of Gadget, but, to a greater degree, a satellite of Monty. The smallest, most distant from Gadget and most approximate to our Asteroid Belt (see). This is a unique speaking planet: our radiotelescopes constantly registers modulated signals coming therefrom, like a mysterious hum that sets us thinking there may be life on Zipper.

Comet Norton-Nimnul: is a heavenly body, white in color, appearing with the frequency about once per day. By the provisional data, he consists of powder gases and artificial fog.

Constellation Fat Cat: presages troubles and misfortunes.

Constellation Great Bear: presages different surprises, too.

Galaxy Donald-Duck: was discovered exclusively due to development of sound-recording apparatus at the beginning of the last century. Quite by chance these first devices had caught in the northern sector of the sky, the source of certain constant and rather obtrusive quack-like sounds. The first discoverers thought they heard human speech in this noise! On the contrary, modern investigations totally deny this ridiculous hypothesis and prove that this sound phenomenon is no more than the magnetosphere oscillation of several first magnitude stars of this galaxy. Also this galaxy is remarkable because of has the direct relation to two planets of our system: Chip and Dale (see above). As she is some kind of ancestral home of these planets which have pushed them out from her gravitational field where they gravitated to star Clarice being brightest in galaxy Donald-Duck. Then in some decades of homeless wanderings on the open space, Chip and Dale were attracted by the strong gravitation of the Solar-Ranger system of star Gadget where being located till now.

Asteroid Belt: These are minor planets, being fragments of the former planet Fandom, which was an artificial satellite of Gadget. These most investigated heavenly bodies are equidistant from Gadget. Their full cycle time around Gadget in a most random way totally coincides with the Earths year.

Asteroid Konorama: a minor planet, light-green in color. Inhabited. Cool atmosphere. Minerals: tales, pictures, flashes, programs, music, different useful projects. Chemical elements are to be found: Kn, Og, Fl, Mc, Ip. Stories are richest in element Kn. Og, Fl and Mc are contained in plenty in mineral pictures. Flashes consist of pure Ip.

Asteroid Fogel: on closer examination it was found to be a black hole. Inhabited, but it is not clear by whom. The natural riches are hidden in depths inaccessible to drilling, in which planets interior the infinite stocks of the chemical element Fl accumulates. Traces of the previous extinct civilization are visible all over the asteroid surface.

Asteroid Zumki: minor planet in pastel color spectrum. Depending on vantage point can be in sky blue, violet or, more often, pink colors. Inhabited. The natural resources are constituted from an impressive quantity of different deposits. Pictures and tales meet on her everywhere. Besides far-famed elements, they are also mining rare-earth minerals.

Asteroid Sergon-1: recently discovered asteroid, blue in color. Inhabited. Practically completely consists of a gas cloud of chemical element Sn, which was discovered on this planet. The climate is mild, divided into four seasons depending on range of remoteness of the asteroid from Gadget.

Asteroid Screw: a minor planet, azure in color. Inhabited. He is known from time immemorial in many first-fans myths and legends. Notwithstanding the fact that observations of many years shows that he is a lifeless ice lump with the big light-reflecting ability. Nevertheless some changes are observed on his surface from time to time. The resources still are full of different minerals of tests and codes. Among local sights, its necessary to note the Not Made by Hands memorial to Gadget, entirely made of chemical element Sw.

Asteroid Orel: is quite a young heavenly body, being a dark-green, inhabited, minor planet. The natural landscape and industrial potential are not completely determined yet, but the first trial drilling has already revealed the presence of solid ores with a high tenor of chemical element Ol. This deposit may have in the future the big prospects in many directions of minerals extraction.

Asteroid Gris: as old as the World and forgotten by the Gods, he is a heavenly body of light silver color. Because of fogs smoky shrouding him, his discovery in great antiquity remained unconfirmed by regular observations. And for a long time, he existed only as a doubtful heritage of ancient manuscripts. The asteroid was rediscovered this past Friday, after activation of a new type of radiotelescope. As has been shown by spectroscopic analysis, the manuscripts did not lie about deposits of mineral verses, rare-earth revelations and compounds of chemical element Gs.

Constellation of the Rangers

On november 22, 2021, scientific confirmation of the discovery of a new constellation, called Rangers, was received. As a result of prolonged research activities, the constellation map has been compiled in detail. We are on the verge of discovering a new world!

Saturday lecture-hall:

11:30. Lecture theme: Chippar and Dallar eclipses. Lecturer S.lect. L.P.Sergonium
12:00. Lecture theme: The basic aspects and final victory of the Gadgetocentric system. Lecturer S.lect. L.P.Sergonium
12:30. Lecture theme: Collisions of Chip and Dale: whether a catastrophe will be inevitable? Lecturer S.lect. L.P.Sergonium
13:00. Lecture theme: Killer comets. Lecturer M.Res.Ass. of Ch.KU A.N.Orlovskij
13:30. Lecture theme: Wholesome influence of the solar wind. Lecturer M.Res.Ass. of Ch.KU A.N.Orlovskij
14:00. Break for dinner.
14:30. Lecture theme: Is there life on Chip?
15:00. Lecture theme: Whether we shall reach Gadget in this century?
15:30. Lecture theme: Space pirates: myth or reality?
16:00. Lecture theme: Parade of Ranger Planets.
16:30. Lecture theme: First expedition Chipohod-1 to the brown planet.
17:00. Lecture theme: Whether will discover spots on Gadget?

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